Good Scents

Good Scents  is a ready-to-use malodor absorber/deodorant. It effectively eliminates malodors from fabrics, hard surfaces, and the air. Good Scents permanently binds with odors and locks them away, never to be smelled again. If you have a vehicle that needs freshening up, this is the product for the job. Helps prevent the stale smell in vehicles after interior shampooing.

Available in the following fragrances:
Citrus Harvest -GOOCH01 (1 gallon), GOOCH05 (5 gallon)
Spring Breeze-GOOSB01 (1 gallon), GOOSB05 (5 gallon)
New Car-GOONC01 (1 gallon), GOONC05 (5 gallon)
Summer Sunset-GOOSS01 (1 gallon), GOOSS05 (5 gallon)
Berry Fiz-GOOBF01 (1 gallon), GOOBF05 (5 gallon)
**NEW** Black Glacier-GOOBG01 (1 gallon), GOOBG05 (5 gallon)**

Sold in: 1 gallon, 5 gallon

VOC Compliant

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Good Scents