A concentrated hydrofluoric acid-free formulation. A safer option in cleaning and brightening metal alloy wheels, truck bodies, and trailers.  This is a multi-use formulation and is effective in the following applications: 1. Removes road film, diesel smoke deposits, and oxides from aluminum truck bodies and trailers. 2. A professional strength wheel cleaner and brightener. For use on wire, chrome, and alloy wheels. Quickly removes road film, rust, oxidation, and brake dust. Do not use on plastic, clear-coated, or polished aluminum wheels. Never allow product to dry on wheels. Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood. See Safety Data Sheet for further details regarding safe use of this product.

Sold in: EZB01 (1 gallon), EZB05 (5 gallon), EZB55 (55 gallon)

VOC Compliant

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Easy-Bright SDS