Exciting New Line (9-7-2016)

Are you a car wash owner or thinking about getting into the business? If so, Sky Blue Industries would like to help you with your chemical needs and knowledge. Whether your wash is an In-Bay Automatic, Tunnel Wash, or Self Serve we have the cleaning chemicals for your needs.
Here at Sky Blue Industries we manufacture a variety of chemicals that are designed to help keep your vehicle and your customer’s vehicles clean and fresh. We are dedicated to help you find the right product.
One product line that will help you with your car wash business is the IONIC Z product line. This new and exciting line was designed to help best effectively clean vehicles with no hassle. Vehicles at your wash will leave with a new feeling of cleanliness and will emerge more vibrant than ever before. With IONIC Z we are able to put the product in smaller containers than drums because the chemicals are hyper-concentrated. With smaller containers, it leaves more room in sometimes small areas and makes moving the chemicals easier than what it was before. If you are sick of moving drums for your car wash but still want the product to last you a while, try the IONIC Z line.
POWER PRESOAKLO – A highly acidic pH detergent designed for two-step car wash systems. It is to be used in the first spray arch in a two-step process, or it can be used in a single presoak arch application. When used as the first step in a two-step process with Power Presoak HI you will see superior cleaning.
POWER PRESOAKHI – A highly alkaline pH detergent designed for two-step car wash systems. It is to be used in the second spray arch in a two-step process, or can be used in a single presoak arch application. It is also excellent as a single step low-pressure presoak. When used as the second step in the two-step process with Power Presoak LO you will see superior cleaning.
POWER POLISH + – A concentrated clear coat polish, which produces bright creamy foam with a pleasant bubblegum fragrance and quick beading action for drier cars. This product is a pleasant choice with great customer appeal. Power Polish + is available in blue, yellow, or red colored foam.
POWER SOAP + – This product is specifically formulated for tunnel car wash applications. This advanced formula can be used as a brush lubricant or in a presoak arch. It is most effective at removing stubborn road film from all vehicle surfaces.
POWER DRY + – This is a concentrated clear coat rinse aid that provides an optimum in the level of beading and drying.
POWER PROTECTANT + – This removes water from all vehicle surfaces. It produces a drier car in a much quicker time. Fortified with foaming agents, Power Protectant + can be run through today’s bubbilizer arches producing a great show that leaves a lasting shine and protection on all exterior vehicle surfaces. It also guards against today’s harsh environmental conditions.
POWER PLUS WHEEL & TIRE CLEANER – This product is a concentrated wheel brightener and cleaner. Formulated to remove the toughest dirt, grime, rust and brake dust from all vehicle wheels.

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